Keeping gamers healthy and happy

In the past, gamers have been stuck with inadequate furniture that would eventually ruin their bodies. Everyone has been waiting for quality ergonomic and fully adjustable gaming room interior pieces and Gsign is ready to supply that demand. 

All the details are made to be adjusted and versatile to suit the gamers needs, ranging from our adjustable desks and dynamic monitor arms to sound absorbents, LED-lights and more. From gamers to gamers. Read more about our details below.

Gsign Sound

Environmentally friendly sound absorbents made out of recycled PET-material.

Our sound absorbents

Gsign Battle Station

Adjustable desk for a gamer friendly battle station with top tier ergonomics.

Our battle stations

Gsign Bars

Create your setup using our unique bars for all tech, monitors, cables, lights and future add-ons.

Our bars

Gsign Gamingstol

Ergonomic and reliable gaming chair with all the functions and features to correctly support your neck, arms and back. All the movable parts are presented in Gsign yellow.

Our gaming chairs