The industry's first ergonomic gaming room and setups

With a focus on the player to keep

Gamers sit by furniture which inevitably leads to total body breakdown. Qualitative, ergonomic and tailored gaming furniture that puts people first is what the entire industry has been waiting for. Welcome to the world's first ergonomic interior design system by gamers for gamers.

All details are tailored to fit. With thousands of hours of gaming in our luggage, we have created furniture with functions that facilitate and simplify, instead of tiring.

Raise and lower gaming tables, customizable gaming screen, sound absorbers, LED lights, and all other equipment for streaming. Ergonomic gaming furniture with a focus on keeping the player simple.

Read more about all our details below.

Gsign Sound

Environmentally friendly sound absorbers from recycled pet material.

Our sound absorbers

Gsign Battle Station

Adjustable battle station for best ergonomic adaptation.

Our battle stations

Gsign Bars

Completely unique bars for all technology, screens, cables, lights and future addons and functions.

Our bars

Gsign Gaming chair

Ergonomic and stable gaming chair with all functions for the neck, arms and back. All moving parts in Gsign yellow. Thoughtful and ergonomic without losing attitude.

Our gaming chairs