Our philosophy

Interior design solutions made by gamers for gamers.

The Gsign philosophy spawned when a group of gamers realised they spend a lot of time in their chairs in front of a monitor placed on a standard desk. They understood the toll it takes on humans when neither of those things are designed to care for our bodies.

Gsign wanted to change all that and instead offer gamers something more conscious but without ever tampering with the gaming experience itself. A desk should be ergonomic, a chair needs to sustain the body and they must look amazing while doing so - that is the Gsign way. 

The well thought-out ergonomics comes from years of experience designing office interiors and the features and functions stem from just as many years as gamers. We work with sustainable materials and make well educated decisions to reduce our footprint. Gsign - the one stop shop for all gamers wanting the perfect gaming room.