Complaints & Returns

Complaints & Returns

In case of canceled purchase.

When ordering by phone or via the Internet, you as a private person always have
right of withdrawal for 14 days. The time is counted from the day you received the item.
A private person who uses his right of withdrawal pays the shipping cost for it himself
returned the item.

In the event of an error or shipping damage to the item.

In the event of a fault in the item, we will refund the return shipping and what you paid for the damaged item
or wrongly delivered goods. The damage should be well documented with a photo immediately
upon delivery and does not apply if you incurred it yourself.

Send a
mail to so
you get more information about how to return the item. We will contact you by
e-mail as soon as your request has been received and verified.


If you are a company, contact and we will
see what we can do to help you. Always examine the item in conjunction with
receipt and contact us directly or within a reasonable time about damage or fault
is discovered.