Gaming room. Made by Sweden.

A complete gaming room with everything you need. A setup with desks and solutions for all your technology, gaming chair, sound absorbers, lights, plants and accessories. All ergonomically thought out, all developed in Sweden. All in one delivery.


A tailor-made gaming room for Content Creators with the right sound, light and smart solutions for all technology. Already, over 2 million people are watching their fans in Gsign's streaming room today.


A gaming room with furnishings for those looking for the highest precision and stability for both the body and the technology. One of the world's best esports organizations, Heroic, trains daily at Gsign.


The gaming room that everyone wants. Cool setup, good for the body, the right lighting and design that suits everyone and all technology. The Nordics' largest gaming center Space Sthlm chose us. You try with.


Adapt your decor and setup to your room. Choose furniture, colors, decor and details to suit you. Everything ends up in the shopping cart and is sent in a single package to your home.

Complete gaming package. Plug and Play. 9995:–

Raise/lower desk, ergonomic gaming chair, computer hanger, monitor arm, cable fix and mouse pad XL

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Three modular gaming setups for all needs

All our gaming setups are developed for the best ergonomics and highest quality. All series are available with different monitor solutions, cable solutions, our smart bar for shelves and equipment. Click on and read more.

Rebel setups

Gsisgn series for those who play a lot but also want space for homework and wardrobe. Mechanically adjustable. Available as a package with chair, different monitor arms, unique bar and much more.

Explorer setups

Gsign series for those who demand absolute precision without frills. Loved by the elite and the best in the world. Electronically adjustable, fat-free disc, recycled varnish and as stable as few.

Rules setups

Gsign series of features perfect for your live stream, loved by our role models and used by many in the streaming elite. Mobile charger, usb, electrically adjustable.

Gaming furniture for humans

Ergonomic gaming chair

In the Hero gaming chair, you sit comfortably with a mesh seat and back. Ergonomic back, neck and armrests with adjustable height and angle, for you as a player to hold.

Gaming Chair Hero

Your room - your setup

Completely unique bars and arms for screens, cables, lights and all sorts of add ons. Only the imagination sets limits.

Our bars

The light in the darkness

Gsign's lights and LED strips light up and set the mood in your gaming room. Control the RGB light using the Govee Home app.

Our RGB lighting

Artificial plants

Designed plants that both lift up the gaming room and do not require any care. Perfect as they are also hypoallergenic.

Wall panels

Our G:WALLs not only create beautiful walls, but they also dampen the sound in the room. Easy to adapt to your own measurements.


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Gsign finns nu på Elgiganten i hela Norden

GSIGN is now available at Elgiganten throughout the Nordics

The Swedish gaming startup GSIGN and Elgiganten offer ergonomic gaming furniture throughout the Nordics. The gaming company GSIGN has reached a milestone by having its products for sale on Elgig...

Nya e-handlaren erövrar branschen

The new webshop conquers the industry

The newly started e-retailer Gsign has an idea. They want to make gaming more sustainable and have therefore developed the product, which should be more sustainable for both humans and the environm...

Gsign sätter spelaren i förarsätet

Gsign puts the player in the driver's seat

In the middle of an airy room with a high ceiling, lit by a strong purple light, sit Niclas Lidberg von Schantz and Pontus Johansson. We are at the head office of the office furnishing company Göt...