The new webshop conquers the industry

Nya e-handlaren erövrar branschen

The newly started e-retailer Gsign has an idea. They want to make gaming more sustainable and have therefore developed the product, which should be more sustainable for both humans and the environment.

Despite the fact that it is the world's largest entertainment industry, by far, the company believes that it is still immature when it comes to sustainability.

"Everyone has just wanted to play, and no one has really thought about how to sit, how the environment is decorated and where or by whom the furniture is made - or with what material. No one has talked about how long things should last," says Pontus Johansson , CEO and partner at Gsign AB, in a statement.

The company is located in Ulricehamn and sells via its webshop everything a gamer could possibly want. Chairs, arms for the screen, adjustable desks, lamps, mouse pads and various cords.

They also sell complete solutions with these accessories. These land at between SEK 12,000 and SEK 19,590.

"Hundreds of millions of players, young and old, have problems. The environment also takes a beating. They usually sit in racing chairs that squeeze their chest muscles, they have tables that cannot be raised or lowered, preferably manufactured as cheaply as possible. They play, compete and entertain others as so-called streamers or creators in environments that are not healthy for the ears and brain, says Pontus Johansson.

The main owner is Götessons Design Group, which has worked specifically with ergonomic products for 25 years. They had a turnover of roughly 333 million last year, but at the same time made a loss of around 20 million.

Now the hope is to conquer the gaming industry and so far they have managed to become partners to Dreamhack, Space in Stockholm as well as Quality Hotel in Stockholm, Jönköping and Oslo, where hotel rooms have become and will become gaming rooms.

"If we continue like this, we will probably succeed in making gaming more sustainable. Take football, 100 years ago it was played with a harmfully heavy ball, shoes that got wet and pitches that broke legs. That's where gaming is now. Soon there will be an Olympics -sport and with the Swedish Sports Confederation. Order, rules and order will be needed. And no one else has taken a comprehensive approach and focused on the person who is actually sitting there. Until now, says Niclas von Schantz, co-owner and brand strategist at Gsign.

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