GSIGN is now available at Elgiganten throughout the Nordics

Gsign finns nu på Elgiganten i hela Norden

The Swedish gaming startup GSIGN and Elgiganten offer ergonomic gaming furniture throughout the Nordics.

The gaming company GSIGN has reached a milestone by having its products for sale on Elgiganten online across the Nordic region. GSIGN is the first in the world with ergonomic gaming furniture for the entire gaming room in one place, the possibility to design your own gaming room in 3D connected directly to the store and ready-made gaming setups for all needs and budgets.

GSIGN's concept is to fill different needs, but with the same opportunity for variety. For the e-sports professional, for streamers or for those who just want a room adapted for gaming. At the same time, they also meet the will of the parents that their youngsters and children do not destroy the body while playing.

At Elgiganten, completely finished rooms will not be presented as GSIGN themselves do. But all the products can be bought as well as ready-made gaming setups. Here, GSIGN has three different levels. All can be adapted exactly as you want it, what differentiates the levels is the need for an electric or manual elevating table, sizes and also adaptations for different areas of use.

Elgiganten, one of the Nordics' largest retailers of gaming products, is now investing heavily in gaming. However, they have lacked the ergonomic angle, the tailor-made concept and entire setups from a brand that thought all the way through. GSIGN therefore becomes an important piece of the puzzle and also adds an alternative in the premium segment for professionals, e-sportsmen and streamers who want the very best. With the GSIGN Rebel level, customers also get an offer together with an ergonomic chair that is very competitive.

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