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Traditional gaming chairs (racing chairs) have support for the driver to be stuck in lateral movement. The problem is that these supports compress the pectoral muscles, the skin becomes hot and sticky, and rarely have any settings at all that promote the body. For Gsign's gaming chair, CHAIR HERO, we have replaced the leather with airy mesh, which gives a floating and comfortable feeling during long gaming sessions. Built with an integral frame for stability, 14 ergonomic settings and wheels with real ball bearings, this is a gaming chair for all gamers, streamers and e-sportsmen.


      Total height: 123-131.5 cm
      Seat width: 50 cm
      Seat depth: approx. 50 cm
      Seat height: 50-58.5 cm
      Distance from seat to armrest: 15–20 cm
      Maximum guaranteed weight: 110 kg


      1. Cleaning: If necessary, wipe the chair with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water and a few drops of mild soap. This removes dirt and stains without damaging the mesh material.

      2. Avoid strong chemicals: Do not use aggressive detergents, bleaches or other strong chemicals that can damage the mesh material or the color of the chair.

      3. Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, be sure to dry the chair thoroughly with a clean cloth or sponge to avoid moisture accumulation that can cause damage or mold.


      Back height: Adjust the height of the back according to your needs.
      Lockable back angle: Lock the back tilt angle between 90-135 degrees for optimal comfort.
      Automatically adjustable lumbar support: The backrest automatically adjusts to support your back.
      Head support: Height and angle adjustment to provide the right support for the neck.
      3D aluminum armrests: Adjustable in height and depth for tailored comfort.
      Seat height: Adjust the seat height to find the right working position.
      Backrest tilt angle: Adjust the backrest tilt angle for best support.
      Seat depth: Adjust the depth of the seat so that it fits you perfectly


      Chair & Frame: Made from solid aluminum for added stability and long-lasting durability. This also makes assembly easy and requires only 7 screws for the entire chair.

      Backrest: Reinforced with high quality nylon material to ensure ergonomic comfort and longevity.

      Wheels: Equipped with ball bearing wheels that protect the floor and make the chair roll smoothly and quietly, while preventing scratches or damage to the floor.


      14-day try on guarantee: Try our chair for 14 days and if you are not satisfied, you send it back and get your money back.
      2-year functional guarantee: We guarantee that your product will function as intended for three years from the date of purchase.
      Mesh guarantee: 1 year the material can stretch by up to 5%, and after 3 years the maximum stretch reaches 15%. After this, any further stretching stops.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Christoffer Artmann
      Den bästa gaming stolen!

      G:Chair Hero är en riktigt bra stol som är bekväm att sitta i och håller ryggen i rätt position, även om man sitter hela dagen framför datorn.

      Den är enkel att sätta ihop och den är riktigt stabil. Den har bra med plats och känns hållbar för oss stora gamers.

      Nikola Sekulic
      Oh. My. God.

      I was searching for mesh chairs to replace my crappy chair and I stumbled on this brand at a local online marketplace in Finland. I immediately checked what the brand is about and who they are, and then I decided to take a leap and I purchased it.

      It arrived in a few days, and... just, oh my god.

      This chair. This chair is not just comfortable, I am sitting on an ergonomic cloud. Also the mesh is keeping me nice and cool, which is waaaay better than the typical gaming chairs that make me super hot because they're closed off.

      Needless to say I am beyond happy. It also looks to be very, very durable because of the aluminum body and best of all, for me, is that it's completely silent. I hope it stays that way over the long term, I guess time will tell but so far I have no reason to doubt it.

      I don't know who you guys are, I've never heard of this brand before, but thank you for making this chair!

      Robin Olsson


      Simon grindhage
      Egonomisk Ryggsparare.

      Har haft stolen i ca 3 dagar, och jag känner redan hur min rygg tackar mig, svankstödet är helt otroligt, kanon bra inställningar och enkel att bygga ihop. fattar inte hur jag kunde sitta i de ''vanliga'' bilstolarna. Slog till på Blackfriday-rean och det var värt varenda krona.

      Ergonomisk och sval

      Hade tidigare problem att hitta en stol som passar mig som är lite längre (186cm). Fick tidigare ont i framförallt mina knän för att det inte gått ställa in höjden tillräckligt.

      G:Chair löser detta, otroligt nöjd och kan sitta utan problem ett par timmar. Sen ska man ju ändå röra lite på sig för att få lite blodcirkulation. Gedigen byggkvalité, tung och robust och mycket inställningsmöjligheter.

      Rekommenderas varmt!