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Gsigns concept is designed to create the ultimate station for gaming, battling, and streaming through modular work. Each product is made in Sweden with the highest precision in anodized aluminum and has a laser engraving that makes it easy to make your own settings. The system is easily mounted with two robust clamp brackets on the desk and can be completed with all conceivable options.

The height of the rails is extremely easy to adjust according to your preferences, and the ability to create your own holders and hangers with a 3D printer provides endless flexibility. In addition, cable management is easy as you can run it on the back of the different rails.

With Gsigns concept, you can create the perfect station for your gaming and streaming, and with a length of 1600 mm and a height of 400 mm, it is perfect for most needs. Each rail is 1400 mm long and one rail, two poles, and brackets are included for easy mounting with clamp brackets.

So if you want the ultimate station for your gaming and streaming, choose Gsigns concept and create your own station that suits your needs and preferences.


Fits a 1600 mm long desk
Each rail is 1400 mm long
The posts are 400 mm high
A rail and two posts and brackets are included
Simple installation with clamps


1. G:BAR TALL fits tables that are 1600 mm long
2. Each rail is 1400 mm long
3. The posts are 400mm high.
4. 2 posts including brackets and 2 rails are included in the package.


Assembly of this product requires only the 3 hex keys that come with it.

Clamp mounts have a maximum desk height of 36 mm.

Importantly, this construction will be heavy when screens and everything come on, so a solid table is preferable.


It is very easy to adjust the rails as they are attached with 2 fasteners that you release so you can raise and lower to exactly the height that suits you and your setup.


Material in rails and posts is pure Swedish aluminum which has then been anodized with matt black.

To make it easier to set up your screens and accessories, measurements are engraved.

The clamps are massive and fully cast.