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G:BAR is one of GSIGN's core products that our concept is built around. 

To create the ultimate setup for gaming, streaming and work, modularity is a must. G:BAR enables you to improvise and adapt your setup according to your current needs. 

With a range of add-on products, like the G:BAR ARMS, you can mount your VESA monitor in a whim. Same goes for our G:BAR SHELF and G:ARM LAPTOP BAR. 

Not happy with the placement of your G:BAR mounted monitor arm? Just slide it to wanted place.

No setup is complete until there's no visible cables. So we've of course built in a cable management route on the backside of the bar.

  • Fits a 1600 mm desk.
  • Each rail is 1400mm long
  • The posts for this are 700 mm high.
  • 2 rails, 2 posts incl brackets.


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