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Traditional gaming chairs (racing chairs) have support for the driver to be stuck in lateral movement. The problem is that these supports compress the pectoral muscles, the skin becomes hot and sticky, and rarely have any settings at all that promote the body. For Gsign's gaming chair, CHAIR REBEL, we have replaced the leather with airy mesh, which gives a floating and comfortable feeling during long gaming sessions. With many ergonomic settings, this is a gaming chair for all gamers, streamers and e-sporters.


  • Airy mesh in both backrest and seat for maximum ventilation
  • Adjustable backrest, both in height and inclination
  • Headrest that is adjustable both for height and angle
  • 3D armrest that is adjustable both in height and depth
  • Class 3 gas function
  • Support for the lumbar spine
  • Weight 22 kg
  • Locking for the backrest for 90-135 degrees.
  • Seat depth and width 50x49 cm
  • Height 111-119 cm


Total height: 117-125.5 cm
Seat width: 49 cm
Seat depth: approx. 50 cm
Seat height: 48-57.5 cm
Distance from seat to armrest: 15–20 cm
Maximum guaranteed weight: 110 kg


1. Cleaning: If necessary, wipe the chair with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water and a few drops of mild soap. This removes dirt and stains without damaging the mesh material.

2. Avoid strong chemicals: Do not use aggressive detergents, bleaches or other strong chemicals that can damage the mesh material or the color of the chair.

3. Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, be sure to dry the chair thoroughly with a clean cloth or sponge to avoid moisture accumulation that can cause damage or mold.


Back height: Adjust the height of the back according to your needs.
Lockable back angle: Lock the back tilt angle between 90-135 degrees for optimal comfort.
Automatically adjustable lumbar support: The backrest automatically adjusts to support your back.
Head support: Height and angle adjustment to provide the right support for the neck.
3D aluminum armrests: Adjustable in height and depth for tailored comfort.
Seat height: Adjust the seat height to find the right working position.
Backrest tilt angle: Adjust the backrest tilt angle for best support.


Chair & Frame: Made of aluminum for stability and long-lasting durability. This also makes assembly easy and requires only 7 screws for the entire chair. It is also reinforced with Nylon with a fiber frame.

Backrest: Reinforced with high quality nylon material to ensure ergonomic comfort and longevity.

Wheels: Equipped with ball bearing wheels that protect the floor and make the chair roll smoothly and quietly, while preventing scratches or damage to the floor.


1 Year Functionality Guarantee: We guarantee that your product will function as intended for three years from the date of purchase.
Mesh guarantee: 1 year the material can stretch by up to 5%, and after 3 years the maximum stretch reaches 15%. After this, any further stretching stops.

Customer Reviews

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Riktigt skön för kroppen och älskar hur tydligt kroppen får andas när man sitter ner pga de härliga luftiga materialet.
Rekommenderar skarpt en sån här ergonomisk stol framför den typiska gamingstolen alla dagar i veckan, de är sjukt överskattade och overprized.
Investera i denna = investering för din kropp. Långsiktigt

Perfekt till vår son!

En stol som är ergonomisk när de sitter vid datorn och även gör läxor.