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The RULER is a professional desk that combines style with practical functionality. It is equipped with a massive MDF board that not only provides a stable work surface but is also covered with a laminate that is fingerprint-safe, making it easy to keep the desk clean and tidy.

We believe in modular design and flexibility, which is why The RULER is compatible with several accessories. You can customize your gaming setup with options like our G:Bar or monitor arms to optimize your screen positioning.

As an extra bonus, it comes with a package of useful accessories, including a wireless charger, a cable box, and USB ports (USB-C and USB-3.0). These accessories make it easy to connect and charge your devices, and everything is pre-equipped, so no tools are needed for installation.


  • Height of table legs excluding tabletop: 651 - 1121 mm
  • Maximum weight including tabletop: 100 kg
  • Tabletop dimensions: 1600 x 800 x 20 mm
  • Cable box that lowers into the desk
  • Panel with two USB ports (3.0 and USB-C)
  • Wireless charger for Qi devices
  • Five-year warranty on the motor from ROL Ergonomics
  • Tabletop surface of matte black scratch-resistant Unilin laminate
  • G:BAR SMALL (Our Aluminum bar where you can attach desired accessories)
  • G:ARM Bar XL, a monitor arm that you can adjust in all directions.