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G:SOUND PLAIN is a black wall absorber that improves the acoustics in your gaming room and contributes to an individual expression with its special design language. The panels can be varied to form patterns in different colors.


Material: EcoSUND
Available in white, black and grey
The thickness of the absorbent is 40 mm
Mounted using the included velcro
Dimensions: 600x600x40 mm

ECOSUND IS A.M. ACOUSTICS OWN UNIQUE SOUND ABSORBENT, developed together with acousticians and raw material suppliers in 2010. All production takes place in Sweden, more specifically in Halland.

EcoSUND is the core material that all products from A.M. Acoustics are made of. Some products are covered with textile or acoustic cloth. EcoSUND products are available in 20, 40 and 50 mm thickness as standard and in colors white, black, gray and brown.

Recycled and resource efficient
EcoSUND is made of 100% polyester fiber (PET), of which 50% is recycled PET bottles. The recycled PET fibers are third-party certified according to GRS, Global Recycling Standard. This means that the requirements are ensured for e.g. recycled constituent materials, limitation of chemical usage, and how social and environmental matters are handled in production along the value chain. Since EcoSUND is made of one and the same material, it is hence completely recyclable. The product has a long life span and can be reused again and again.